Comprehensive Home Health Care and Private Duty Care Online Directory Launched

LTC Technologies has launched a comprehensive Home Health Care and Private Duty Care Online Directory recently. Home Health Care isĀ saviorĀ for millions of seniors and younger patients in US. With minimal family support and skyrocketing prices of Assisted Living and Residential Care Homes, boomers and others needing healthcare opt for home based health care.

Free Home Health Care Agncy Finder AppThe directory is also available for use on smartphones and tablets. Take a look at the following website for more information on home care directory app.

Home Health Care Agency Finder

What is Home Care?

Home health care is provided by home health agencies and independent home care providers. Home health agencies are approved and certified by CMS for Medicare payment eligibility.

The directory also contains listings of home care providers offering non-medical personal care such as companion care, daily living activities support, transportation services, etc. These services are not reimbursed by Medicare. Some agencies provide both medical and non-medical care.

Home health care includes post-surgery care, disease management care (for diabetes, cardiac issues, etc.), therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy, voice therapy, infusion therapy), medication administration, wound care, hospice support and care, etc.

Many home care agencies provide home medical equipment (HME) and care supplies.

Why Home Health Care?

As mentioned above, health care costs are shooting up, especially for seniors. Millions of baby boomers joining the retirement population and increasing pressure on Medicare and Social Security benefits, seniors has to look for ways and means of availing cheaper health care assistance.

Also, living in their own home provides much better environment for healing and living life with dignity. Moving to an assisted living home can be postponed until they need 24 x 7 support in activities of daily living (ADLs) and much closer supervision.

Here is an additional resource from LTC Technologies on In-Home Care: Home Care Resources

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