e-patients Whitepaper – Tom Ferguson

Pioneering author, physician, and researcher Tom Ferguson coined the term e-patients to describe individuals who are equipped, enabled, empowered and engaged in their health and healthcare decisions. He envisioned health care as an equal partnership between e-patients and the health professionals and the health systems that support them.

Here is the link for e-patient whitepaper produced by Tom Ferguson, MD, and the e-patients Scholars Working Group.

The whitepaper consists of the following informative chapters:

  • Hunters and Gatherers of Medical Information
  • Content, Connectivity and Communityware
  • Patient-centered Networks – Connected Communities of Care
  • The Surprisingly Complex World of e-Communities
  • e-Patients as Medical Researchers
  • Learning from e-Patients
  • The Autonomous Patient and Reconfiguration of Medical Knowledge

We do hope that all clinicians and care professionals would whole-heartedly embrace the concept of empowered and informed patients, leveraged by information technology.

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