LeadPro247 is a cloud based Lead Aggregation, Distribution, Delivery and Management software platform for Online Lead Generation and Media Agencies. LeadPro247 also serves SMBs as Lead Capture, Lead Routing, Follow-up Tracking and Management platform.

For Lead Generation Firms, Lead Aggregators, Online Media and Ad Agencies – As Lead Distribution Software System

  • Lead capture from multiple sources (websites, lead vendor systems, emails, etc.)
  • Lead Distribution to Lead Buyers (Exclusive, Shared)
  • Real time lead distribution, Cherry picking, Delayed delivery modes
  • Comprehensive distribution rules and logic (Priority, Pricing, Filters, Round robin, etc.)
  • Multiple Delivery methods (via Email, SMS Text Messaging, HTTP Post, Custom Interfaces, etc.)
  • Back office system for Lead Buyers
  • Lead Credit Requests handling
  • Online Payment processing (Per lead, per order, payment based on threshold, etc.)

For Small and Medium Businesses – As Lead Tracking and Management System

  • Lead Capture from multiple sources
  • Lead Assignment / Routing to Sales Agents
  • Sales Territory / Organization definition and management
  • Lead Distribution using Voice Calls and Text to Speech
  • Capturing lead follow-up notes and tracking
  • Comprehensive Analysis reports
  • Activity based alerts and notifications