Why Healthcare Is So Messed Up

We all know that the healthcare is broken in this country. The reasons vary from person to person and depend on which industry segment they work for. GetReferralMD has summarized a numbers of reasons (eleven to be precise) why American healthcare industry is completely screwed up – from a neutral third party view.

Administrative costs in Health Care

While some may disagree with some points listed by the author, I strongly feel that these are true to a significant extent. Unless every one realizes these issues and works to address remedies, there is minimal chance of improvement in the healthcare scenario in the near future. By everyone I mean “the citizens of this country as healthcare consumers to the government represented by the bloated bureaucracy and self-centered politicians”.

Here are the reasons listed:

      • Insurance Companies
      • Excessive Regulation
      • Shortage of Doctors
      • Medical Advances
      • Paper
      • Ignorance
      • Choice to Die
      • McDonalds (or fast food restaurents)
      • Cluster shit of EMRs
      • Healthcare Vs. Military
      • Pharmaceutical Companies

I would add a few more reasons such as carbonated beverage companies (coupled with fast foods, are the major causes for obesity and demand for significant healthcare spending), the healthcare consumers spoiled by the entitlement mindset and insurance, and the hospitals / doctors / service providers combo.

Here is the link for the full blog post on GetReferralMD and interesting discussion by the readers.

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